TFS support for in-build custom web sockets

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I want to create a custom build step in TFS that can call an API in my other server. I wan to send the result from my server to TFS and alert that the job has ended and this should trigger the next step.

But in order to do this I need a Callback URL to send the output to my server. I want to know How do I open a small web socket in TFS(tfs plugin)? Is there anything in TFS to help me achieve this? OR any other custom external plugin I can use?

I'll take this plugin as a part of my build and the execution will finish only when I get a response from my server and after I'll show this data in another plugin in the summary build page. Can TFS do this or should I try and implement it myself?

Jul 19, 2018 in Other DevOps Questions by Atul
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TFS has no native support for this. You can tray and invoke TFS API to queue/stop builds using TFS. You can also execute a loop to check if the result from your external server. If it's finished, then continue.

Eg: powershell

$loopDelayseconds = 300
   # send request to server and check the result
   # if result is finished, set inprocess to false, else call Start-Sleep.

    Start-Sleep -s $loopDelayseconds

If your tasks is taking a bit more time than usual, you can change the build job timeout in Build definition > General > Build job timeout

answered Jul 19, 2018 by DareDev
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