An error “Unable to create the home directory ‘JENKINS_HOME’”

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I tried starting Jenkins on another user,

the jenkins war is running on a tomcat, killing the server and restarting after exporting JENKINS_HOME is giving me an error “Unable to create the home directory ‘JENKINS_HOME’”
Jul 19, 2018 in Jenkins by Nilesh
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This is most probably a permission problem.

You can use the following way to start Jenkins on another user

 Set an Environment Variable JENKINS_HOME pointing to the .jenkinsfolder and run the Jenkins command.

The shell should be like

export JENKINS_HOME=/usr/jhon/.jenkins
java -jar jenkins.war

The batch should be like

SET JENKINS_HOME=C:\users\jhon\.jenkins
 java -jar jenkins.war
answered Jul 19, 2018 by Kalgi
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