AWS VPN NATing basic

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I have a VPN connection to AWS and need to access my EC2 instance at, say,    I already have a subnet locally for 10.1.0.x/24. How can I NAT the address in AWS so that when it receives data through this VPN, it maps, say to

I can't seem to find the any suitable solution on AWS. NAT instances and NAT gateways all talk about accessing the Internet from a private server and seem to have little to do with this simple address translation from a VPN connection.

Better ideas?

Jul 18, 2018 in AWS by Archana
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You cannot solve the problem of CIDR overlap when setting up a VPN connection by using AWS NAT Gateway. For this to work either

  • NATing should happen from On-Premise.
  • Create a new private subnet to represent EC2 instance in your VPC side.
  • You can adopt to Third-party VPN solution hosting on an EC2 instance, instead of using VPC native VPN to support your use case.
answered Jul 20, 2018 by datageek
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