How do I keep a session alive for long Selenium scripts in automation

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I am automating a task with Selenium in which while automating long scripts my session got expired and the page automatically get jumped to login page , (Developer is maintaining page session for 60 minutes at server side) . Please guide me if there is any way to maintain the session for as long as my script keeps running .

I tried using using cookies but null is received in output , seems like it does not work for me .

Set<Cookie> cookies =driver.manage().getCookies();
System.out.println("Cookies" + driver.manage().getCookies().toString());
for(Cookie ck : driver.manage().getCookies())                            
Dec 16, 2020 in Selenium by AYUSHI
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Hey, @

What browser are you using in this use case? That might be a critical piece of information to answer your question. If you're using Chrome or IE, what version of the binary driver did you register to the grid? 

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