Error after upgrading to latest version of Selenium System InvalidOperationException invalid argument entry 0 of firstMatch is invalid

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I am using the latest version of Chrome which currently is 87.
So I thought it was time to upgrade my Selenium driver to 87.0.4280.88.

The C# code I have is as follows:

            IWebDriver webDriverPoloniex = null;
            ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
            webDriverPoloniex = new ChromeDriver(options);//Error is in this line

This code worked.
But after I upgraded Selenium to 87.0.4280.88 I get the error:
System.InvalidOperationException: 'invalid argument: entry 0 of 'firstMatch' is invalid

If I search for this error online than the answers I find claim that the user should upgrade to the latest version of Selenium. But that is what I did????

Is there something I forgot. Do I need to upgrade something else as well?

Did they change the way for passing Arguments?

Hope someone can help.

Kind regards,

Clemens Linders

Dec 3, 2020 in Selenium by Clemens
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Hello @Clemens ,

I think the error pop up due to compatibility issue of your chrome and  Selenium driver 

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