can t we use selenium for frontend testing

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why people keep saying " eclipse " ide while guiding how to use selenium ? first it should be in any back end IDE not only eclipse support selenium, like for exp  intellij or netBeans or what ever , second  isn't selenium for testing any senario like front forums and button also  ? or only back end testing are allowed with selenium which means java-only test?
Dec 2, 2020 in Selenium by aminegac
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Hello @aminegac,

If you need pretty icons, platform for creating desktop applications, ide for c++, or you work on an old weak laptop, then eclipse is problably better choice for you. but if you are a serious java developer, and you need a fast and convenient tool that helps you focus on the problem instead of distracting, then the idea this is exactly what you need.

answered Dec 2, 2020 by Niroj
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hi @ Niroj  thank you for answering . but my question is about selenium and not eclipse , i meant why always we see tutorials about selenium while using eclispe and in the videos they always download selenium from eclipse plugin shop , which means like if selenium is something related to eclipse only . 

Hey, @Aminegac,

Installation of Selenium IDE

What you need

  • Mozilla Firefox

Steps 2) Wait until Firefox completes the download and then click "Add."

Steps 3) Once install is complete, you will get a confirmation message. Click "OK"

Steps 4) Click on the Selenium IDE icon

Selenium IDE will open

thank you  for the reply , i found it on firefox as well as on chrome , so i downloaded it on chrome , i will start checking and searching how to use it because i recorded and runned the program of test and nothing happened all it says is "TEST IS PREPARING TO RUN" and the console of that page logs "404 error on extension "
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