how to split country city in Dax power bi

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how to split country & city Dax function in power bi?

Below the mention question from Module 3

3.5:Using DAX formulas, rename City to City_Old, create new column City with only the city name i.e. removing the country part; from the two files Mod3_Raw_CityTier_v0 1; and PinCode-Geo.
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After loading the dataset, you can split into the query editor.

If the address consists of full address in one field,

1. Go to Query editor.

2. Click on the address field and click on split by and select delimiter as "," and click ok.

But before splitting sees that all addresses are in a similar format to split into country/city/state/pin.etc

3. Then the full address would be split as per commas.

4. Edit the split columns as per use.

answered Nov 25, 2020 by Gitika
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