hello guys i need help to make this code run plz

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H= float (input("Is this circuit charging or discharging")

if H== 'charging'

 T = float(input("How long have the capacitors and the resistor been connected to the battery")) 

If T= 0

use 0:

Vc= 0 

And VR= Vb


Vc= Vb *(1-e**(-T/R*Ceq))

And VR= Vb(e**(-T/R*Ceq))

Elfe (if 'It Is discharging')

tfloat(input("How long have the capacitors and the resistor been disconnected to the battery")) 

If t= 0

use 0:

Vc= Vb 

And VR= Vc


Vc= Vb(e**(-t/R*Ceq))

VR= Vc

print VR and Vc

Nov 25, 2020 in Python by anonymous
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Can you please share more information about what you are trying to do or if there is any error your are getting paste it here.

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