when going to amiunique org fp my user agent is unique but identical to my normal browser user agent

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when selenium chromedriver accesses 'amiunique.org/fp' , this is the user agent footprint:

user-agent: <0.01% of users use it (just me a few times)

however, when I use my normal browser, with an identical user agent, I get this:

user-agent 0.04%, which is relatively normal. 

I am unsure why this is happening I am sure it is contributing to my constant detection. 

This is the code that changes the user agent:

        headers = randint(0, 1)

        with open('headers.csv', 'r') as fd:

            reader = csv.reader(fd)

            reader = list(reader)

            driver.execute_cdp_cmd('Network.setUserAgentOverride', {

                                    "userAgent": ''.join(reader[headers])})    


edit: sorry about the tiny images, if it is an issue I will replace them. 

Nov 8, 2020 in Selenium by Samuel
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Hello @ Samuel,

Can you please provide error here because your image is not visible

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