Not able to find element with Xpath

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I'm finding out the xpath for resource manager element,

I tried this:

driver.findElement(By.xpath("Resource Manager xpath")).click(), I turned up with

Error: Unable to find the element.

<div class="os-titlebar navbar navbar-inverse">

   <div class="navbar-inner">

      <div class="container">

          <ul class="nav menu-primary os-navbar-icon">

          <ul class="nav context-menu" >

           <ul class="nav os-navbar-icon os-titlebar-shortcuts pull-right os_shortcuts">

                 <li class="os-navbar-icon-home selected">

                 <li class="os-navbar-icon-quicklaunch os_quick_start">

                 <li class="os-navbar-icon-resourcemanager">

                  <li class="os-navbar-icon-apptray">

                  <li class="os-navbar-icon-notifications">

                  <li class="os-navbar-icon-minimise-close">


<form class="navbar-search pull-right ui-os-search-form" action="">

<ul class="nav os-navbar-icon os-desktop-navigation" style="left: 407.5px;">


Jul 4, 2018 in Selenium by Martin
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You are using wrong xpath expression. This might work:


answered Jul 4, 2018 by Samarpit
• 5,130 points

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