Please describe the best method to extract specific text from a PDF and input that text into a C application text field

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I would like to know the best method of extracting specific data (Text) from a PDF and inputting that data (Text) into a text field of a Tax software application.

A user will fill in the PDF form in different sections as "answers". EG - 1/ Question... [Text Answer]

I will need to copy or extract answer 1 and input answer 1 into the correct text field of the Tax software at 1/ Answer 1.

Any advice is appreciated.
Sep 14, 2020 in RPA by Chris
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@Chris, could you please post the complete error that you have encountered?

Steps broken down.

Here is a snip if the PDF. The Red Boxes indicate the areas users can enter text and the areas I wish to GET. I made the PDF so I can change it to help the situation if needed.

I have stripped this to the bare bones. Process-Sequence



Variables set as strings or Int32 and converted via ToString in MessageBox

I have used Edge, Chrome, AVG Browser, and Adobe. I can use what is recommended.

Result - The Message Box is either displayed and the end of compiling but is empty or it has the words “Chrome Legacy Window”. If I grab the Full text it works and included the text from the users. No Problems. If I use OCR screen scraping with Teseract only it seems to work.

I am open to suggestions for the best way to do this as I have flexibility to do best practise for best results.

Keeping in mind I need to put the results or variables into another application after this.

You are getting this exception coz most probably you used a partial selector. Try using a complete selector instead of a partial selector.

Hope this helps!
The selector details didnt make any difference but I added a hot key stroke to make the PDF "Actual Size" before reading the text. This has worked consistently now. I can display the text (captured in a variable) in a Message Box or Text File.

Part 2/ I can open the Business Tax Application and navigate, and input the text in the correct field but it seems to loose focus after the 1st input of text and it also wont save in the application. It is not consistent either as it as sometimes it inputs the text in the wrong spot.

I am using "Type Into" activity. This seems to work but again the UI element seems to loose focus. I have checked the selectors on them and they have been validated. I have played with clicking in the element first or tabbing through to the correct field. Get inconsistent results.

any ideas (No errors) to help make this solid and work 100% of the time?

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