To restrict all access in Windows Server 2016

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I'm new to Windows Server. I need to restrict one user to access from all the services and settings , properties option in windows server 2016. This user should not access anything except one application. Is possible to setup like this? BTW this user in administrator group. I can't login when i change administrator to Standard user. I can login when i change from Standard user to administrator. I need two solution.

1. User can login even he change from Administrator to Standard user.

2. This user should not access anything except one application.

kindly advise me. Better give me step by steps to be achieve
Aug 24, 2020 in Other DevOps Questions by Lakshminarayanan
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If you are using AWS Cloud, then you can use the IAM service. Create one IAM user and give access according to your requirement. If you don't find any policy created previously, then create your own customized policy.

answered Aug 25, 2020 by MD
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Yes, Im using AWS Cloud. But how can i use IAM policy for this. Because Administrator user should have all access in windows server whereas Standard user should not access all services except own APP. Is possible through AWS IAM policy?


Ok understood. Think in this way, say you have a Windows system with you and you have another one who suppose to use your system for some purpose. In this case, you can't give the root access right. In this scenario, we generally create one user and assign some roles to that user.

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