I have a start date and end date as input in a talend delimited file.(12-08-2018 to 31-08-2020). I need to split this into month wise data

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I have an input file delimited with 1-row data as following-


I need such output






...... Till 01-08-2020,31-08-2020,100

As in first data the date starts from 12 Aug so the charge will not be applied for the full month rather, it will be = (30-12)/30 * 100

for next month the data is for 30 days per month so the charge will be 100 only
Please help me to resolve this
Aug 17 in Talend by The TOPMOST
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Hey, @The TOPMOST,               

You need a routine with your date as a parameter and the number of months as a return. You can check this out for your reference https://www.datalytyx.com/how-to-split-a-file-based-on-a-date-value-using-talend-part-1/

answered Aug 17 by Carlos
Hey, @Carlos thank you for replying. I referred to the above site but it is not helping.

If you can elaborate more specifically it would be helpful.