I ve a query for form tag

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Sir I've used one <form> tag and used action="sourceurl.com" In it as a property.
And I've used 2 buttons between the opening and closing tag of <form>, one for logon and another for cancel. So, when i click on the logon button it simply redirects me to that link but when i click on the cancel button it also redirects me to that link. But i want don't want to get redirected when i click on the cancel button
Aug 17, 2020 in HTML by Saksham
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Hello @saksham,
Please share your code so that i can find out what is the problem behind ur error.

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That might be because button inside form by default is of type "submit". change the type of button and try.

<button (click)="...">...</button>  ---------> this is type="submit"

chnage to

<button (click)="..." type="...">...</button> search and change the type of button as required.

Hope it helps!
answered Nov 2, 2020 by sindhu

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