Ethical behavior in project management: who does the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct Apply to?

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The Project Management Institute is serious about ethical behavior and responsibility in the project management profession. Ethical choices diminish risks, enable positive results, and long term success while building a positive reputation. Without ethical responsibility, you really can’t have effective leadership.

To enable confidence in the profession and help individuals make good ethical decisions, the PMI publishes the Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct 

Who DOES “the code” apply to and why? Who SHOULD “the code” apply to and why?

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The PMI has two fundamental documents:

- Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
- Ethical Decision-Making Framework

That all project management professionals, team members, and other interested parties must comply scrupulously

It is clear that the Principles are universal and, as such, internalized and respected by all human beings regardless of whether they are members of the PMI

We cannot confuse a code of ethics with legislation

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