Error:“Unknown command syncdb” running “python syncdb”

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I want to create the tables of one database called "database1.sqlite", so I run the command:

python syncdb

but when I execute the command I receive the following error:

Unknown command: 'syncdb' Type ' help' for usage.

But when I run help

I don`t see any command suspicious to substitute

python syncdb

Version of Python I use: 3.4.2 Version of Django I use:1.9

Help me to solve this issue.

Aug 5 in Python by kartik
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Hello @kartik,

$python syncdb is deprecated and not supported now. So instead of this follow below instructions..

Whatever model you have created: First run:

$python makemigrations

After running this command you model will be reflected in a migration.

Then you have to run:

$python migrate

Then run server:

$python runserver

Now, your project will run perfectly.

answered Aug 5 by Niroj
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