File not found exception while processing the spark job in yarn cluster mode with multinode hadoop cluster

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Application application_1595939708277_0012 failed 2 times due to AM Container for appattempt_1595939708277_0012_000002 exited with exitCode: -1000

For more detailed output, check the application tracking page:http://JDESXSRV14S52:8088/cluster/app/application_1595939708277_0012Then, click on links to logs of each attempt.

Diagnostics: File file:/home/hadoop/.sparkStaging/application_1595939708277_0012/ms-fs- does not exist File file:/home/hadoop/.sparkStaging/application_1595939708277_0012/ms-fs- does not exist
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.RawLocalFileSystem.deprecatedGetFileStatus(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.RawLocalFileSystem.getFileLinkStatusInternal(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.RawLocalFileSystem.getFileStatus(
at org.apache.hadoop.fs.FilterFileSystem.getFileStatus(
at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.util.FSDownload.copy(
at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.util.FSDownload.access$000(
at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.util.FSDownload$
at org.apache.hadoop.yarn.util.FSDownload$
at Method)
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
Failing this attempt. Failing the application.
Jul 30, 2020 in Apache Spark by Ganendra
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I am not sure what's the issue, you probably need to do a bit of troubleshooting. You can check if the jar file mentioned above exists? If no, maybe you can try manually download them from the internet. If yes, check the owner and permission mask of the directories. Also, try to check the configuration files. As one of the common mistake is to set the HADOOP_CONF_DIR path.

Add HADOOP_CONF_DIR=/opt/hadoop-2.7.3/etc/hadoop/ to ./conf/

Check your core-site.xml file with the below entries.


Also, remove the setMaster('local') in the source file.

answered Jul 30, 2020 by MD
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Thanks for your reply.

The jar specified is an external jar which I am passing using 

spark-submit deploy-mode cluster --master yarn --jars hdfs://ms_XX.jar --class XXX XX.jar 

The above-specified configurations are done as an initial step. Still, the issue persists.

The jar is getting downloaded into local file system under

/home/hadoop/.sparkStaging/application_1595939708277_0012 but still showing as jar does not exists.

Please provide your valuable inputs.

Thanks & Regards,


I think in your command, you are using the HDFS path for the jar file. But the jar file present in your local system. So you need to upload this file in HDFS first.

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