How do we use assert in Selenium WebDriver

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I want to use Assertion in selenium webdriver test beccause  on my screen, i have one 'edit' button, but that 'edit' button works only on certain conditions. So I just wanna check if that button is present, and if it is, then it should be clicked on and it should open another child window and perform certain actions. But, if that 'edit' button element is not present, then it should check the next condition which is log off button in my keyword framework. Below is my code, and I have used try and catch block and its working fine:

public void click_edit_cw2(String objectName)  {
        //Store the current window handle
        String winHandleBefore = driver.getWindowHandle();

        //Perform the click operation that opens new window
            WebElement element = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//*[@id='main']/div[1]/table/tbody/tr[2]/td[6]/button"));;

        //Switch to new window opened
        for(String winHandle : driver.getWindowHandles()){

        // Perform the actions on new window

        //Close the new window, if that window no more required

        //Switch back to original browser (first window)


        //continue with original browser (first window)
        }catch(Exception excptn){

But it didn't work for me with assert eventhough try() and catch() is not stopping the code. But after running the execution, it says test cases failed. How can assert that? I'm using keyword framework in which one class is for keyword and the other is for reading the excel file.

Apr 6, 2018 in Selenium by Martin
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So, for implementing Assert(), you need to imlement test frameworks like TestNG or JUnit. I use TestNG and once the libraries  are imorted, I would run the below command:


If the assertion fails, then my test case fails. This is one way of doing it, but since your using a keyword driven framework, you could modify the above line as per your wishe and get assertion working.

answered Apr 6, 2018 by nsv999
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well said about assertion please continue

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