Python Combine two bots into one

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Hi everyone,

Basically i made a bot in league of legends using python. The problem with it is that its made of 2 py files

The first that starts league of legends, finds a match, accepts it, picks champ

and the second the bot basically plays the game.

Right now i just use exec(open("").read()) to start the second part of the bot and when the game ends i just use the same command to start the first part... i don't like this way tho.. i want to combine both in one file. I tried with while loops.. tried to find a goto function (wasted my time) i tried other stuff too but nothing works since after the second part of the bot ends it should return to the first. (and this should go forever)

Anyone have any ideas how to do it ?
Jun 30, 2020 in Python by PrKit
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Hi, @Prkit,

Could you please post your code which you are executing regarding your game? Please include your first and second parts. It will be helpful for us to investigate.

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