Click Allow on Show Notifications popup using Selenium Webdriver

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I'm trying to login to Facebook. After a successful login, I get a browser popup:

Can I click Allow and proceed forward using selenium webdriver?

Jun 20, 2018 in Selenium by Martin
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sorry no allow this code because i am using
Can you please be little more specific? Can't really understand what you're trying to say.
i am facing this issue on windows using python in selenium

Try this:

alert_obj = driver.switch_to.alert
@Omkar, have you tried the code that you have written coz its not working for me
Hey @Nischitha what error are you getting?

try the below one to allow/block the permission

1- allow, 2-block


ChromeOptions options=new ChromeOptions();
Map prefs=new HashMap();
prefs.put(“profile.default_content_setting_values.notifications”, 1);
ChromeDriver driver=new ChromeDriver(options);


WebDriver driver ;
FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
profile.setPreference(“permissions.default.desktop-notification”, 1);
DesiredCapabilities capabilities=DesiredCapabilities.firefox();
capabilities.setCapability(FirefoxDriver.PROFILE, profile);
driver = new FirefoxDriver(capabilities);
driver.get(“your Web site”);

If I just want to click on the "X" - to close this browser popup through selenium webdriver, then what method will be use to close this popup ?(if neither want to allow nor block, then how do I close it).

Hello @Surbhi,

The dismiss() alert class method is used to close the alert for handling alerts in Selenium. It operates by clicking on the “X” button in the prompt. This method is functional for all alert types: prompt, alert and confirmation dialogue box. The protractor web driver uses a void dismiss() command to cancel the alert.


Hope it helps!!

Thank you!

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Create a instance of ChromeOptions class

ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();

Then Add chrome switch to disable notification - "--disable-notifications"


After that set path for driver exe


and then pass ChromeOptions instance to ChromeDriver Constructor

WebDriver driver =new ChromeDriver(options);

answered Jun 20, 2018 by Samarpit
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But the request is not to disable notifications. The request is to click "Allow".
@pinkninjatester, unfortunately there is no option to do that. Because the above subject is not treated as a browser popup, but infact it is treated as a browser notification.

Disabling this notification should hopefully solve your problem as the execution will continues without any hindrance. Let me know if anything otherwise happens :)
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Try this:

Robot robot = new Robot();

hope this will help you.
answered Mar 1, 2020 by anuj
Prefect! It worked for me. Thank you.
thanks  it worked for me also in chrome version 81
Thanks ...... it worked for me also in chrome version 86
Great! It worked for me as well.
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Same error is occurring for me, So please help me.
answered Aug 30, 2020 by anonymous
Hey, have you tried @Samarpit's and @anuj's solution?

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