does java support operator overloading

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I don't know the reason why java does not support operator overloading? can anyone help?
Jun 18, 2018 in Java by scarlett
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Java doesn't supports operator overloading because it's just a choice made by its creators who wanted to keep the language more simple. Every operator has a good meaning with its arithmetic operation it performs. Operator overloading allows you to do something extra than what for it is expected for. Java only allows arithmetic operations on elementary numeric types. If you allow a developer to do operator overloading they will come up with multiple meanings for the same operator which will make the learning curve of any developer hard and things more confusing and messy. The Java designers wanted to prevent people from using operators in a confusing manner, but it was not worth it. By avoiding operator overloading, it's more transparent which function is called when.

Avoiding operator overloading in Java made the implementation and specification of Java a little simpler. To learn more about Java supports, you should join our Java certification class now.

answered Jun 18, 2018 by Akrati
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Lies, Java has operator overloading for Strings.  They just don’t let you do it because the creators feel programmers are too stupid.

Hey, @Freebird,

Java does not support operator overloading due to the following reasons −

  • Makes code complex − In the case of operator overloading the compiler and interpreter (JVM) in Java need to put an extra effort to know the actual functionality of the operator used in a statement.
  • Programming error − Custom definition for the operators creates confusion for the programmers especially the new developers. Moreover, while working with programming languages that support operator overloading the program error rate is high compared to others.
  • Easy to develop tools like IDEs − Removal of operator overloading concept keeps the language simple for handling and process leading to a number of the Integrated development environments in Java.
  • Method overloading − The functionality of operator overloading can be achieved in Java using method overloading in Java in a simple, error-free and clear manner.

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