ValueError not enough values to unpack expected 2 got 0

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I want to load the NSL_KDD data set in python using this link: 

But when I run this command, attack_map = {k:v for (k,v) in attack_map} I get this error: 

ValueError: not enough values to unpack (expected 2, got 0)

 hence I’m a newbie to Python, I don’t know how to fix this error. could you anyone help me?

with open(‘G:/RUN_PYTHON/kddcup.names.txt’, ‘r’) as infile: 

kdd_names = infile.readlines() kdd_cols = [x.split(’:’)[0] for x in kdd_names[1:]]

kdd_cols += [‘class’, ‘difficulty’]

kdd = pd.read_csv(‘G:/RUN_PYTHON/KDDTrain+.txt’, names=kdd_cols) 

kdd_t = pd.read_csv(‘G:/RUN_PYTHON/KDDTest+.txt’, names=kdd_cols)

kdd_cols = [kdd.columns[0]] + sorted(list(set(kdd.protocol_type.values))) + sorted(list(set(kdd.service.values))) + sorted(list(set(kdd.flag.values))) + kdd.columns[4:].tolist()

attack_map = [x.strip().split() for x in open(‘G:/RUN_PYTHON/training_attack_types.txt’, ‘r’)] 

attack_map = {k:v for (k,v) in attack_map}

I know attack_map has empty elements. 

when I printed the attack_map, print(attack_map),

out: [[‘back’, ‘dos’], [‘buffer_overflow’, ‘u2r’], [‘ftp_write’, ‘r2l’], [‘guess_passwd’, ‘r2l’], [‘imap’, ‘r2l’], [‘ipsweep’, ‘probe’], [‘land’, ‘dos’], [‘loadmodule’, ‘u2r’], [‘multihop’, ‘r2l’], [‘neptune’, ‘dos’], [‘nmap’, ‘probe’], [‘perl’, ‘u2r’], [‘phf’, ‘r2l’], [‘pod’, ‘dos’], [‘portsweep’, ‘probe’], [‘rootkit’, ‘u2r’], [‘satan’, ‘probe’], [‘smurf’, ‘dos’], [‘spy’, ‘r2l’], [‘teardrop’, ‘dos’], [‘warezclient’, ‘r2l’], [‘warezmaster’, ‘r2l’], []]

 It has a [] element but I don’t how to can solve this problem. 

best regards

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May 9, 2020 in Python by arezoo
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edited May 13, 2020 by Gitika 11,712 views
Hey, @Arezoo,

As per your given explanation, this is happening because the attack map has an empty element []. You need to unpack the empty list into the names k and v.
@Gitika, thanks to your response

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