How to include SQLite database in executable Jar?

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I have created a Swing application that uses SQLite as a local database. The database file is located in project's root directory.


The application runs fine on Eclipse, but when I run the packaged executable Jar, I get the following error:

No such table : table1

This means that the database is not reachable. When I examined the contents of the resulting JAR file, the database file was not there anymore.

In the code, I've linked the database as follows:


My question is, how to include the SQLite database in the executable Jar?

May 7 in Java by kartik
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Hello @kartik,

I have found two different ways to name the filepath depending on how you are trying to access it.

 Assuming you are accessing the db is located in "/yourproject/resource/ or /yourproject/bin/resource" you should use this as your path:

//Eclipse test path
String url = "jdbc:sqlite:resource/mydb.db";


//runnable jar path
String url = "jdbc:sqlite::resource:mydb.db";



Your way also works... by putting the db in /src

Thank You!!

answered May 7 by Niroj
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