Termux Android code for phishing the page

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How to share the link for that and after completing all the process how to see the victims of that
Apr 25 in Linux Administration by anonymous
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Sir i want to know termux Android code for phishing the website
Hello @vaibhav pratap,

Can you please elaborate more about what  do you want? And what actually you are trying to do?

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Hey, @Vaibhav,

After complete all the process and once you created phishing page:

  •  First, you have to write a set URL www.xyz.com and enter it.
  • Then write set port 8080 and enter.
  • Then write set_url set URL www.xyz.com and enter.
  •  Now you have to type run and enter.

Then you will see the link localhost: 8080 something like this. Now you can send this link to anyone and send it to your victim in any other way. And as soon as they click on this link, XYZ's Fishing page will open in front of them, and as soon as they log in, their information will be down in Termux. Note that do not delete Termux from Background Run until the victim's username and password Do not let you know.

I hope this explanation will help you.

answered Apr 27 by Gitika
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After completing which particular process. I get stock after after I choose number of page to clone and providing My local IP. What I see is send this link to victim....... How do I create the link??? Please someone help me with the answer

Hi, @Mx3,

To create the link you need to go through many steps, so I would suggest you to through this:


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