How can I save a final model after training it on chunks of data

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After training a model on chunks, how can I save the final model?

df = pd.read_csv(, chunksize=10000)
for chunk in df:, y_train)
  filename = 'finalized_model.sav'
  joblib.dump(text_clf, filename)

# load the model from disk
loaded_model = joblib.load(filename)

Saving a model like this will just give me the model trained on the last chunk. How can I avoid that and get the overall model trained on every chunk?


df = pd.read_csv("ExtractedData.csv", chunksize=6953)
for chunk in df:
    chunk = chunk.dropna()
    chunk = chunk.astype(str)
    text = chunk['body']
    label = chunk['user_id']

    # remove url
    text = remove_url(text)
    mask_words = (text.str.split().str.len() > 50) & (text.str.split().str.len() < 2000)
    text = text.loc[mask_words]
    label = label.loc[mask_words]
    mask_chars = (text.str.len() > 5) & (text.str.len() < 18000)
    text = text.loc[mask_chars]
    label = label.loc[mask_chars]
    X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = train_test_split(text, label, test_size=0.3,
                                                        shuffle=True, random_state=42)

    text_clf = Pipeline([('vect', TfidfVectorizer(strip_accents='unicode', lowercase=True,
                                                  analyzer=lemmatize_text, ngram_range=(1,3))),
                         ('tfidf', TfidfTransformer()),
                         ('clf', XGBClassifier()),
                         ]), y_train)

    predicted = text_clf.predict(X_test)

    print(metrics.classification_report(y_test, predicted))

    # calculate accuracy
    accuracy_list.append(metrics.accuracy_score(y_test, predicted))
    precision_list.append(metrics.precision_score(y_test, predicted, average='weighted'))
    recall_list.append(metrics.recall_score(y_test, predicted, average='weighted'))
    f1_list.append(metrics.f1_score(y_test, predicted, average='weighted'))

# save the model to disk
filename = 'finalized_model.sav'
joblib.dump(text_clf, filename)

# load the model from disk
loaded_model = joblib.load(filename)
Apr 15, 2020 in Python by Anan
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Can you share your full code?
Hi, I have shared my code.
Hey, @Anan,

Are you getting any kind of errors while running this code?

No, the code works fine. No errors. I just want to know how to save my model after training it on chunks.

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Hey, @Anan,

When you specify chunk size in a call to pandas.read_csv you get back a object rather than a DataFrame. Try this to go through the chunks:

df = pd.read_csv('Training.csv',chunksize=500)
for chunk in reader:
    print(type(chunk)) # chunk is a dataframe

Or grab all the chunks:

df = pd.read_csv('Training.csv',chunksize=500)
chunks = [chunk for chunk in reader] # list of DataFrames

Depending on what is in your dataset a great way of reducing memory use is to identify columns that can be converted to categorical data.

answered Apr 15, 2020 by Gitika
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Hi Gitika. Thank you for your response. However, my question is not on how to use chunks. I am trying to train a model on these chunks and want to save the model after it has done training on all the chunks. Apologies if my question wasn't clear.
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