How to work on existing power query using python

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I have an existing power query created in power BI. Now I want to do some dynamic transformations on this power query result using python. How I can work on the existing power query using python. Do python have the eligibility to upload a fresh dataset and work on power BI ?

Could anyone help for this?
Feb 7, 2020 in Power BI by Biswajith
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Hi Biswajith,

Can you please elaborate what kind of progress you have done in your query editor? According to that will he able to help you out how you can use python in your result. 

Yes Python is a powerful language, and can be used in Query Editor to prepare your data model and create reports. The integration of Python into Query Editor lets you perform data cleansing using Python, and perform advanced data shaping and analytics in datasets, including completion of missing data, predictions, and clustering, just to name a few.


I have extracted data from different data sources and using power query I succeeded in creating a query result as per requirement. Now the generated matrix is good for visualisation. Now for another requirement i want to transpose the fields from above power query and need to do some data manipulations. How i need to get this power query dataset created by my power bi using python. Once i search in google python integration comes only by getting fresh dataset from different data sources like databases, csv etc. There is help document code related to get data from existing  Power query result from power bi. Don’t know my explanation is upto the point.

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