How can we use Bot Inspector in uipath

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in which case we can use and what is the main functionality of bot inspector in uipath
Jan 30, 2020 by Prathyusha
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Bot inspector is designed to do a basic code review of the UiPath workflows and provides much more information on the built workflows which helps in debugging.

When the Bot is triggered, it will ask the user to select the project folder.

On selected folder Bot will do data extraction and a basic code review to give below info:

  1. Workflow details

  2. Variables

  3. Arguments

  4. Selectors

  5. Logs used

  6. Unused Sequences

  7. Hard coded values

  8. Hard coded delays

  9. BCC in email

  10. Workflow dependencies

  11. Catch with any activity

  12. Hard Kills (Kill Process and Alt + F4)

Some of the above criteria can be using Config file.

Finally the report will be generated in the same folder which was selected.

For more details refer to

answered Jan 31, 2020 by Karan
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