Error :tile cannot extend outside the image .How to save patches without this error.

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def nodule_detect(nodules,j,numpyImage, numpyOrigin, numpySpacing):
    #g = "input/subset"+str(k)+"/"+j
    #numpyImage, numpyOrigin, numpySpacing = load_itk_image(j)
    #jj = j.split("/")
    #jj = jj[-1]
    numpyImage = normalize(numpyImage)
    print("Inside nodule-detect",numpyImage)
    for i in range(len(nodules)):
        vals = nodules.loc[i]
        #print("In nodule-detect")
        jj = j.split("/")
        jj = jj[-1]
        if(vals['seriesuid'] == (jj.replace(".mhd",""))):
            print("Inside the nodule")
            worldCoord = np.asarray([float(vals["coordX"]),float(vals["coordY"]),float(vals["coordZ"])])
            voxelCoord = worldToVoxelCoord(worldCoord, numpyOrigin, numpySpacing)
            voxelCoord = voxelCoord
            voxelWidth = 65
            print("VoxelCoord :",voxelCoord[0])
            patch = numpyImage[int(voxelCoord[0]),int(voxelCoord[1])- int(voxelWidth/2):int(voxelCoord[1])+int(voxelWidth/2),int(voxelCoord[2])-int(voxelWidth/2):int(voxelCoord[2])+int(voxelWidth/2)]
            patch = normalizePlanes(patch)
            print (worldCoord)
            print (voxelCoord)
            print (patch)
            outputDir = 'patches/'
            plt.imshow(patch, cmap='gray')
            #outputDir = 'patches/'
            Image.fromarray(patch*255).convert('L').save(os.path.join(outputDir,'patch_'+ str(worldCoord[0]) + '_' + str(worldCoord[1]) + '_' + str(worldCoord[2]) +'.tiff')) - at the end of this , error is coming as mentioned above
Jan 28 in Python by anonymous
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