Use two different programs in the third

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Hey there....I have write 2 different programs and I want to use each one in the 3rd program without merge and only by calling can I ??? the values are automatically store so, I need only specify there name not providing any value...

plz help....
Jan 24, 2020 in Python by Hannah
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You can treat each python file as a module and import it in the third file
answered Jan 24, 2020 by Priya
I have already  done this but it couldn't work. I don't want to give any value to imported module so it wouldn't run...the imported python file need  to only run to update values....and that values are used in current one....
Are you saying the imported module did not run when you provided it with a value?
If nothing else work.. you can call the imported module with passing values

you can save values in an external text file and acess from there.. tho i feel there shld be more efficient methods than this
Okay thanks

I'll try it

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