please someone tell the code to launch an instance in digital ocean using java

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Jan 13, 2020 in Java by muskan
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In order to create a digital ocean droplet (instance) via java code, you might need to use DigitalOcean API Client in Java.

You will need this maven dependency:


You need to first create a DigitalOcean Client:

DigitalOcean apiClient = new DigitalOceanClient(authToken);

Now you can invoke the method(s) to create the droplet as per need via apiClient:

// Fetching all the available droplets from control panel
Droplets droplets = apiClient.getAvailableDroplets(pageNo, perPage);

// Fetching all the available kernels for droplet
Kernels kernels = apiClient.getAvailableKernels(dropletId, pageNo, perPage);

// Create a new droplet
Droplet newDroplet = new Droplet();
newDroplet.setSize(new Size("512mb")); // setting size by slug value
newDroplet.setRegion(new Region("sgp1")); // setting region by slug value; sgp1 => Singapore 1 Data center
newDroplet.setImage(new Image(1601)); // setting by Image Id 1601 => centos-5-8-x64 also available in image slug value

// Adding SSH key info
List<Key> keys = new ArrayList<Key>();
keys.add(new Key(6536653));
keys.add(new Key(6536654));

For more info refer to

answered Jan 14, 2020 by Sirajul
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