How can I assign unicode to a variable in JavaScript but have the script then populate a PDF field not in the unicode but in the Chinese characters the unicode represents

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Here is the code I am using.  The PDF software has no issues with the ENGLISH TEXT, it populates the field without problem.  When I insert Chinese characters where I have the place-holder UNICODE, the PDF software turns the Chinese into ????.  And this occurs immediately when I try to save the code. So I think the only solution (open to suggestions) is to convert the Chinese to unicode, and then have the script read the unicode but output the Chinese characters to the variable?  Hope someone can assist, thank you!

var EntityData = { Entity_Ltd :{ engaddy: "ENGLISH TEXT",
                              chiaddy: "UNICODE"},
                              Select_Entity :{ engaddy: "  ",
                              chiaddy: "  " }
function SetFieldValues(eName)
  this.getField("AddressEnglish").value = EntityData[eName].engaddy;
  this.getField("AddressChinese").value = EntityData[eName].chiaddy;
Jan 13, 2020 in Java by anonymous
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Hey, could you please simplify your query, or may be fragment it. I am unable to comprehend the issue you are facing.

What PDF software are you talking about buddy?
I am using Nitro, I need this to work in Adobe also.

I have a drop-down menu containing the variables.  When a variable is selected, two text boxes are populated with the values assigned within the code.  One of the boxes is populated with English.  One is populated with Chinese characters.  

I have now succeeded in making this work in Nitro by assigning to the variable (in the code)  UTF-16, rather than the actual Chinese characters.  

Adobe, however, still shows up as ???.  Is there a line of code I can add so that Adobe will know that some of the variable values are UTF-16 that  should be converted to Chinese characters?

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