error in ALB path based routing

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I was trying implementing aws path based application load balancer . I have enabled http and ssh rule in the SG associated to EC2 instance . I have created two target groups for each intance . As I am trying to hit index.html page with my IP address of instance , inside target group as :  Protocol : http , port : 80 , health check : /index.html and associated the instance with the target group . then with the load balancer ALB , inside listeners i have added two rule as /server then forwad to first target group and similar for other.

The issue is , while hitting the Load Balancer DNS , I am able to get the default route , however while trying access the DNS/path , it is throwing error as "404 not found "
Jan 8 in AWS by Anukriti
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Is your port 80 open and accessible?

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