Create column for str contain in pandas

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With below code I am able to create dataframe

VAT = comm[comm['Particulars'].str.contains("comm|Britain", case=False)==True]


 But I want to create column

below code does not work

comm['VAT'] = comm[comm['Particulars'].str.contains("comm|Britain", case=False)==True]


 Can you provide proper code ?
Jan 5, 2020 in Python by Juzar
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Hi Juzar

So if I am not wrong you have a dataframe called COMM from which you are filtering out the column particulars. These filtered values became another dataframe called VAT. But you do not want them as another dataframe, you want it as a column?

What you can do is, append the COMM dataframe with VAT. VAT will just become another column in COMM.

Hope it helps :)
answered Jan 6, 2020 by Kalgi
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