Hi could you plz help me on creating appspec file for code deploy

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Yes I have 2 java applications let's say hello world java applications action I want to deploy these applications into docker using code deploy
Dec 3, 2019 in AWS by sri
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Hi @Sri,

You are trying to deploy this on EC2/on-premise or on ECS?
Deploy on ECS.

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Hi @Sri, you could use something like this:

version: 0.0
  - TargetService:
      Type: AWS::ECS::Service
        TaskDefinition: "arn:aws:ecs:aws-region-id:aws-account-id::task-definition/ecs-demo-task-definition:revision-number"
          ContainerName: "your-java-application"
          ContainerPort: your-container-port
answered Dec 3, 2019 by Kalgi
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Thank you so much #kalgi for your fast response . I will try and let you know If I get any error will post here plz help .
But I am using services in ECS will this work ?

Yup this appspec file is for ECS deployment. You just have to replace taskdefination with the arn of the ECS application.

Do I need to install maven in docker containers ?
No, you do not need to install maven. Did you try the above appspec?

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