How to make python selenium program to perform certain actions depending upon the web interface response

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Hi All,

I am trying to download files from a website using python selenium. There are 'n' number of files in a site and there are 3 ways to download it.

For all the files there is a 'href' link which i will click to download. The 3 ways by which file will get downloaded:

1) Once I click the link , it will pop up a alert window and i have certain steps to download it.

2) Again If i click the link, there is no pop window but straight way to download it.

3) Last method is once i click the link , there is a button on the web page based upon which I have steps to download the file,

So my question is how i can make the program reacts to the steps with the response of that click event .

TIA :-)
Nov 17, 2019 in Python by varunanand
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