not getting real transaction ID only getting temp-transaction ID in fabric-sdk

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I am using below code for submitting a transaction in fabric but not getting committing transaction Id in node js SDK

       let eventHub = await;
            // eventHub =  await"updevop1");
            //eventHub = await;
            let txPromise = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                let handle = setTimeout(() => {
                    resolve({event_status: "TIMEOUT"});
                }, 30000);
                eventHub.registerTxEvent(transactionIdString, (tx: any, code: any, block: any) => {
                        const returnsStatus = {event_status: code, tx_id: tx};
                        if (code !== "VALID") {
                            console.error("The transaction was invalid, code = " + code);
                        } else {
                            console.log("The transaction has been committed on peer " + eventHub.getPeerAddr());
                    }, (err: any) => {
                        //this is the callback if something goes wrong with the event registration or processing
                        reject(new Error("There was a problem with the eventhub ::" + err));
                    {startBlock: null} //disconnect when complete


I am getting  temp txid 4826e50b51d505c31c6529a1699d51a8c78aaa6b0b360f92f44f8be7855b08cf but commiting id "transactionId": "e8622f67-9987-46c6-9094-93deb464184c"

I am not able to get this committing ID at the time of event hub Please help me to resolve this issue
Nov 14, 2019 in Blockchain by laxman
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