How to execute the bots developed using UIPath studio community edition in other environment like client environment

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I have developed UI automation for one of our website using UIPath studio(community edition), now our clients want us to move our bots into their environment, so they can verify, so how do we do that, in regular way, we deploy our code in application server and anybody can access it, how it works in UIpath?
Oct 23, 2019 in RPA by Apeksha
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Hi Apeksha, if you have done it in community edition, in order to move to Client environment, you should have Enterprise Edition/licensed version of UiPath. Once you have Enterprise edition, you can move the code to the environment and publish to the licensed version of Orchestrator to run the bot. 

You can publish your project from the UiPath Studio using NuGet package:

  • You should have installed Uipath robot and connect with orchestrator in the client machine
  • Upload your package in Orchestrator and run robot from Robot tray
answered Oct 23, 2019 by Abha
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Agree with you Abha!! Adding to your answer, you can follow these steps for creating a robot and running your job:

  1. First create a machine in orchestrator and that machine name should be same as in your system.
  2. To get that name go to start-> search as robot-> settings and get the machine name from there and paste the same while creating machine in orchestrator and copy the machine key after this from orchestrator and paste it in your system robot tray and mention the orchestrator url as well
  3. Then make sure that we have a robot created in the orchestrator with the same machine name and while entering the detail for username and password go to cmd window and type as whoami which will give use domain and username, enter the same in the orchestrator while creating robot
  4. Create a environment now In the robot tab and tag the robot created in the previous step to this environment
  5. Now back to our system in robot tray we have machine key, and orchestrator url mentioned readily and now we can connect
  6. Once after connecting the machine of the user, you can now run the process you have published in the user machine from JOBS tab

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