How can i fix Type: Runtime Type problem in UIpath studio

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hi i have some problem in my ui path studio, in your video the type has changed but in my app it doesn't change and it doesn't work in click option, every time every scope it shows that kind of message if i even i take some name entity from web server.. i cant do any thing for this.

it should show this thing but it doesn't and if i take click activities from the activities panel it shows the same thing runtime type, i uninstalled 3 times and again i have faced the same problem. 

Oct 15 in RPA by Tashrif Mehedi
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Dear, Can you share me the link of this video.

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Hey Tashrif,

Can you tell is there any kind of error or issues you are facing with this RumtimeType? Because I don't think activity type matters anyway. In case you are facing any problem due to this type change in activity, please share what error you are getting or share your complete workflow.
answered Oct 15 by Abha
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hi abha,

yes i have faced so much problem, such as if i want to create a csv file with name, id and birthday and take the screenshot with Input type,then it doesn't do any thing like the video i watched.. and also click element if i command to click any thing like next page, it doesn't work..

the message will show

total and the price and  also shows the price.

please see this, the ans should be the binary sum  but the selector doesn't work properly and return msg shows blank msg 

@tashrif, are you using Anchor base activity on web browser or on excel sheet?

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