How different similar are Protractor and Selenium Which is better

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I'm currently working on a website developed on AngularJS. We started testing with Selenium WebDriver and the scripts works well. But I was told to use protractor instead of Selenium. Both are pretty similar in functioning but the ONLY difference I found is that, I don't need to use explicit wait to load the webpage. Are there any other differences or advantages or disadvantages i should be aware of?
Apr 2, 2018 in Selenium by nitinrawat895
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Okay, so let me talk about the pros and cons of clear out the selenium vs protractor topic here:


  • Works great even if you are testing an Angular JS website, you only have to deal with page synchronization issues. 
  • Selenium supports automation very well. It has been in the market for quite sometime & it has evolved over the years, and its API is also stable.
  • Selenium is also the defacto tool in the open source market for browser automation.
  • You can write the selenium code in 6 popular proogramming languages.


  • It is basically an automation testing tool for angular based web pages. But, when you look at its core, it's a wrapper for Webdriver JS. Hence it does not uncover any new vertical in browser automation.
  • Yes, it has certain advantages in case of angular specific locator strategy. It provides more options to work with Angular directives (i.e angular specific locator strategy).
  • It is available only for JavaScript. So to work with it, you must know JavaScript.
  • This is a WebdriverJS, which is new in the market & depends completely on your project requirement and team's skills to use this tool.

Its not right to judge which of them is better at this point atleast. 

answered Apr 2, 2018 by nsv999
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Protractor and Selenium both are used to automate front end of web based applications. Generally most of the people are well aware of Selenium ( Java and Python bindings) and afraid of choosing any other tool on top of Selenium. I will compare Selenium and Protractor in this post, which will help you to decide which tool is best suited for your requirement.

Official website of Selenium says that:- Selenium automates browser. It does not specify any specific technology based web applications. Selenium can be used to automate any technology based application which needs a browser.

Official website of Protractor says that:- Protractor is an end-to-end test framework for Angular and AngularJS applications. Protractor is designed specially for automating Angular applications. Although Protractor can be used for any non-angular application as well but the beauty of Protractor for Angular application will be missed.

For detailed comparison, refer Protractor vs Selenium

answered Jun 9, 2019 by Amod Mahajan
Hi Amod, can you also demonstrate some example to make your comparison more clear?

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