Adding Jar file to project

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I imported a project from Github and ran it as a java application. It threw errors about a reference to "SystemUtils cannot be resolved to a variable" After some research I found that the app requiquirs SystemUtils class from org.apache.commons.lang3

I am still new to Eclipse, but added the JAR file to "Java Build Path" libraries. The name it shows for the library is what the file was downloaded as "commons-lang3-3.9.jar"  

Even though I do not see the import command in the project I downloaded, in example tutorials I see SystemUtils imported with "import org.apache.commons.lang.SystemUtils;" -- because I am new I do not know if I should create a directory with org/apache/commons/lang and then rename the jar file to be SystemUtils

I am sure there is an easy answer, but I have spent hours trying to figure out how to add the SystemUtils to the project I downloaded so I don't get the error "SystemUtils cannot be resolved to a variable"

Thank you!
Sep 4, 2019 in Java by Dustin
Can you mention the link to the github project?

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Changing the JRE System Library might work. 

  • Right-click on your project
  • Select Build Path and then click Configure Build Path
  • Under Libraries tab JRE System Library

  • Then choose the Workspace default JRE option

answered Sep 4, 2019 by Esha

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