Locator issue for changed frame

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In the application under test I am facing one issue of locator identification.

We have one webpage to test where there is one video, dashboard and graphs.

I want to mouse hover on the graph / dashboard to make it zoom so details can be seen. Here I dont want to click on it.

Same is with Video where I want to right click on video and need to share it with other resources.

It looks like video and dashboard are in different frames than the page.

Not able to automate it using python selenium.

I tried with all the locators. I used Chropath also.

Any suggestion how to switch between frames in python selenium

Thanks in Advance

Aug 27, 2019 in Selenium by ADS
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Hi ADS, can you please share your code which is causing the problem?
answered Aug 27, 2019 by Abha
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driver = webdriver.Chrome("C:\\SeleniumItem\\chromedriver.exe")

def frame_switch(XPath):

I cannot share the site url due to security reasons.

Well, Same I tried for video frame where I need to right click and select share.

I am not able to move on any of the frames.

Another point is please check below code if its good for right click and select the option from available options.  With this code I am able to click anywhere on the webpage but not able to select options available.

NewAct = ActionChains(driver)
link = driver.find_element_by_xpath("/html[1]/body[1]/header[1]/nav[1]/div[1]/div[1]/a[1]/img[1]")

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