Getting captcha for gmail login using selenium webdriver

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Hi , I am trying perform gmail login using selenium Webdriver.  i am getting captcha for password when i execute script using selenium webdriver. i need to capture the  confirmation code from that email.

Can somebody please help me on that?


Aug 13 in Selenium by suvarna
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Hey @Suvarna. The main purpose of captcha is to avoid automation and to confirm that it's a human being that is working on the webpage. You can not get the code.

Yeah, I totally agree with you Ramya, the captcha's are used in the first place to restrict any kind of automation bots automating the login of any website. They are used as an additional security layer while logging in to a website or application.

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Hi Suvarna, captcha is created this way that you cannot automate it. So its not possible to capture the captcha image for gmail login using Selenium.
answered Aug 13 by Abha
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