Can i make better future in Cloud computing ?

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Hello Team Edureka,
I am a BCA graduate knowing nothing about programming languages .Having ZERO knowledge on programming.
Is it possible to make future on cloud computing ?
Or for cloud computing does it required any programming language to learn.
Aug 7 in AWS by Rajesh

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Hey @Rajesh, you will need a little programming knowledge especially Python. Learn python, It's one of the easiest languages to learn. Have a look at these blogs to learn python:

You should also have the knowledge of SQL data language. Have basic knowledge about the JSON and Yaml. You need to have basic knowledge about the virtualization concept and familiarity with tools like VMWare and VirtualBox.

You can take up a cloud computing course and learn the rest with the course. Cloud computing has a really good future and I think anybody can gain the skills required for it with a little bit of extra learning.

answered Aug 8 by Kalgi
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