Need help with automation test script using Cucumber and selenium

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Can anyone please help me with the automation test for the following requirement:

As an Admin User,
I would like to change the password of other user's accounts.
Feature: Update password
Scenario: Admin user can update the user password
   Given I am in the HR system with an Admin account
   When I update password of another user
   Then I receive a message for updating password successfully
   And user's password is updated to the new password

Please anyone suggest how to write test script for this file.

Aug 1, 2019 in Selenium by Unnati

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Hi Unnati, you can use TestNG to write test script for your requirements. Following test script fulfills your requirements:

public void testAdminUserCanUpdateUserAccountPassword() {
 // create users 
 User userAdmin = new User(UserRole.ADMIN, username, password);
 User user = new User(UserRole.VIEWER, user_username, user_password);
 // use Admin user to update another user password
  String message = userAdmin.updatePassword(user, user_new_password);
// verify password changed
  Assert.assertEquals(message, "Password changed successfully");
  Assert.assertEquals(user.getPassword(), user_new_password);
answered Aug 1, 2019 by Abha
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