Is it possible to pass a fake media stream to Firefox with the help of a command line

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I'm currently developing a Selenium-Java based application and have to pass some media files, audio or video files to the browser.

I've been able to do it successfully on Chrome using the below code snippet:

DesiredCapabilities capabilities =; 
ChromeOptions options = new ChromeOptions();
capabilities.setCapability(ChromeOptions.CAPABILITY, options);
ChromeDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(capabilities);

Do you think there are similar options available in Firefox 33.1 to achieve the same capability?

If not so, how can it be done?

Thanks in advance:)

Jul 22, 2019 in Selenium by Vaishnavi
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Currently FF doesn't allow you to add own fake streams but there is another way and its lengthy FF knightly build and through which you can dig the code and search for "Fake" and change that file to our own supported file and build FF again..

Hope it hels..!!



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