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I'm working on a sort of a 2D Minecraft clone for my first in depth Pyglet project and I've run across a problem. Whenever I have a decent number of blocks on screen, the frame rate drops dramatically.

I use a dictionary with the key being a tuple(which represents the coordinate for the block) and the item being a texture.

I loop through the entire dictionary and render each block:

for key in self.blocks:
    self.blocks[key].blit(key[0] * 40 + sx,key[1] * 40+ sy)

Is there a way to more efficiently render each block?

Jul 16, 2019 in Python by ana1504.k
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I will assume you have something along the lines of:

self.blocks['monster001'] = pyglet.image.load('./roar.png')

This is all fine and dandy, if you want to load a static image that you don't want to do much with. However, you're making a game and you are going to use a hell of a lot more sprites and objects than just one simple image file.

Now this is where shared objects, batches and sprites come in handy. First off, input your image into a sprite, it's a good start.

sprite = pyglet.sprite.Sprite(pyglet.image.load('./roar.png'))
sprite.draw() # This is instead of blit. Position is done via sprite.x = ...

Now, draw is a hell of a lot quicker than .blit() for numerous of reasons, but we'll skip why for now and just stick with blazing speed upgrades.

answered Jul 16, 2019 by SDeb
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