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Problem - Date field from the dataset import is taken as character instead of date type and Integre is taken as character.

How to assign/convert datatypes to different variables in R?
Jul 15, 2019 in Data Analytics by Devika

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You can assign datatypes for the field using converting functions or while importing the data into a R variable.

For ex:

I have used global superstore dataset to show the data format as shown as above.

Lets convert data type of Ship date to Date and Row.Id to number datatype.

> d$Ship.Date = as.Date.character(d$Ship.Date,"%d-%m-%Y")
> d$Row.ID = as.numeric(d$Row.ID)

Another way is to provide a vector of variable locations to assign with a vector of datatypes.

> class(d$Row.ID) = "Numeric"

But this methos does not support date conversion, it would return NA values.

answered Jul 15, 2019 by anonymous

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