How to Set Condition on apistub getstateByRange startkey endkey in Go chaincode of hyperledger fabric

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actually i have 2 structure in my chaincode and i stored both structure data in ledger and i want to display data of each structure as their need not display all data at a time i want to set condition on query all state function(APIstub.GetStateByRange(startKey, endKey)) i want to restract some state that does not display when we query all state and i would be display retracted state as their need.

e.g structure1 one state having name ,number,address,qualification attributes

structure2 2nd state having name ,cnic ,number,address ,qualification attributes

i want when we query all states then only states(structure1) that having no CNIC attribute will be display

we used apistub.putprivatedata and apistub.getprivatedata but its not work plzzz tell me where i am wrong

my code is following


    APIstub.PutState(KEY,carAsBytes) // public record

    APIstub.PutPrivateData("3740633141725",KEY,carAsBytes2) private record

  return shim.Success(nil)
Jul 14, 2019 in Blockchain by Malik

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