Purpose of fit method in sklearn module in python

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I am new to machine learning. I am a bit confused about the function of fit module in scikit-learn.

can you tell me why it is used in sklearn?
Jul 5, 2019 in Python by Waseem
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it basically trains your model using the dataset u provided.
answered May 14, 2020 by Mahesh
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In which sense does it train?What difference does it make to our dataset can you explain vividly?


Say you have one dataset as given below.

experience                 salary
 1                         10000
 2                         20000  
 3                         30000

When you fit these data into your model, it will take an experience from your dataset and internally it will find some parameters like bias and weights. Now if you give some new data to your model, say if someone has experience 2.5, how much salary he/she will get. That time your model automatically finds the salary using the bias and weights.

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