Creating a range of dates in Python

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Is it possible to create a return a range of dates in python?
Jul 4 in Python by Nisa
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Yes, you can do it as follows:

import pandas as pd
dates = pd.date_range(, periods=5).tolist()


[Timestamp('2019-07-04 16:21:27.028459', freq='D'),
 Timestamp('2019-07-05 16:21:27.028459', freq='D'),
 Timestamp('2019-07-06 16:21:27.028459', freq='D'),
 Timestamp('2019-07-07 16:21:27.028459', freq='D'),
 Timestamp('2019-07-08 16:21:27.028459', freq='D')]
answered Jul 4 by Wajiha
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